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Our Story



The story of Tadros Farms began with our late father, Michael Q. Tadros, who had a deep love for Medjool dates. After years and years of searching for the best dates in Jordan and the Middle East, Michael had the idea to start his own farm. His vision was to build a farm from the ground up, putting care into every aspect, and growing dates that he and his family could enjoy for generations to come.

Michael traveled to the Jordan Valley, an area known for its fertile soil and perfect date-growing environment, in search of the perfect plot of land for his farm. He settled on a 160-dunum plot of land near the Al Karameh village, just a few kilometers from the Jordan River. Michael then embarked on a search for the best seedlings to grow his date trees. Ultimately, he settled on seedlings from the Royal Farms in Jordan, which trace their parents from Coachella Valley in California. In just a few years, Tadros Farms was up and running and Michael, his children, and his grandchildren were enjoying the luscious, delectable dates.


Today, Tadros Farms is run by Michael’s children. Our family has enjoyed these gems of the Jordan Valley for years. Our dates are known for their caramel, wild honey notes, and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Now, we want to share these treasures with the world. 

We invite you to join the Tadros Farms family and enjoy our fit-for-a-king Medjool dates. 


The Tadros Family

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Proudly grown in Jordan

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